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Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs! I’m Crystal, a Writer and Astrologer, who is passionate about self-development, understanding loss and grief, and integrating newfound awareness with applied principles and techniques. I created this space to share my experiences, insights, and resources related to life, love, death and everything in between. My hope is to connect with and inspire like-minded people on a similar journey of owning their power to change their story, and in turn – owning and living their truth. Thanks for visiting!

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Crystal Warren is an Astrologer, Mentor + Writer, who blends her corporate background, degree in Linguistics + English, and her vast life experience from caregiving to teaching with Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology method, the Grief Recovery method, and several other philosophical approaches. Her style is easy to understand, as well as practical to apply. She is able to break down the complex language of the stars into digestible pieces, and use her inquisitive and quirky nature to connect the pieces of your story in a safe and compassionate space – bringing you the perspective you need to take action. ​Read more

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What People Are Saying

Loved to connect and learn about my signs. Crystal is very wise and easy going. Lots of helpful info and clarity.

Sandy M.

She was amazing. Very easy to talk to. Loved how she used metaphors to explain things. It was a much easier way to relate to what she was saying.

Erika F.

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It is hard to pinpoint the single most valuable thing I gained because Crystal did such a great job of hitting many different points about my life/chart.

Jared R.

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