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Crystal and William Hung at PodFest 2020

Crystal is incredible in helping you find your life’s calling using Astrology. She has a way of going deep into your emotions about the life you want to create.

William Hung

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The Sagittarius Spark: Testimonial by Sasha Villalobos

My reading that I had with Crystal on my birthday was magical. It was eye opening, inspiring, and exhilarating. That hour with Crystal was my first introduction into the world of astrology, really, and I have sworn by it ever since. Your explanations of all of the different aspects of my birth charts were so clear, and when coupled with personal analogies Crystal…

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The Leo Who Found Her Fire: Testimonial by Debby Boekeloo

I found my session so beneficial. Crystal nailed some major life changing dates for me, and also told me what I had gone through without ever meeting me. Very professional on Crystal’s side and very eye opening for me. There were many takeaways I got from the reading. The most important one for me is what I have been telling myself these…

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Short testimonials and client feedback

The validation of who I am as a person and what I’ve been doing all along hasn’t been “wrong” but exactly what it is I’m here to do. The homework was great for me to get moving even more in the direction I need to be going. Thank you!

Loved your energy, clarity, and expertise in astrology. The reading definitely stoked my fire and inspired me to kick it up a notch! Thank you for the guidance and reassurance (and of course, the kick in the ass that I needed)! 🙂

Kathy B.

Thank you Crystal for an amazing reading yesterday! Its crazy how much has already fallen into place in 24 hours since my reading. Not only is Crystal personable and easy to talk to, she provided me with so much information that I am looking forward to exploring. I love how the session is recorded so I am able to go back and pick up on things that I missed or learn more about. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me.

Jesica B.

Crystal, you did such a wonderful job. I’ve been telling everyone about the reading you did for me and how interesting it was to hear. I think the best thing I learned from the reading was more of a little push I needed…I knew that I care too much about others opinions but I don’t think I realized how much it’s holding me back from being my true self. My true self doesn’t always fit in the “normal” box and that’s ok and I’m going to stay true regardless! Also, you’re really fun to talk to and bring about a sense of ease and comfort where I felt able to share with you. You have a gift love!

Andrea C.

I really enjoyed the reading and appreciated your insights! Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into my reading. I will definitely contact you for future readings. This may sound weird but there is an earthiness to your voice that is very grounding and that, coupled with your own self-reflection makes it easy to receive your insights and suggestions. There is that quote, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few,” and your energy and approach reminds me of that. You seem open to the idea of constantly evolving and exploring and that is, I think, essential in being able to help others help themselves. There were a bunch of valuable insights and suggestions that you provided, Crystal. But I think the most valuable part of the reading was in hearing how you’ve shown up for yourself and how you are following your passions and investing in yourself. That example is really inspiring. The suggestions to focus on movement, try pottery, and answer the questions I keep writing, were all very valuable. Some of those things were new ideas and some were things I know deep down but don’t acknowledge enough (like movement being essential to my sanity).

Lara A.

She was amazing. Very easy to talk to. Loved how she used metaphors to explain things. It was a much easier way to relate to what she was saying.

Erika F.

Loved to connect and learn about my signs. Crystal is very wise and easy going. Lots of helpful info and clarity.

Sandy M.

It is hard to pinpoint the single most valuable thing I gained because Crystal did such a great job of hitting many different points about my life/chart.

Jared R.

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