The Doorway to Awareness: A Story about Discovering Yourself through the Lens of Astrology

Life threw me a curve ball, as it does for most people, and I found myself working at a desk job shortly after, where it hit me…

Why I Don’t Care About What is Going on with the State of the World

Truth be told, I don’t care what’s going on with the state of the world. I don’t care about who won whatever election. Or what celebrity is launching the latest makeup kit…

The Sagittarius Spark: Testimonial by Sasha Villalobos

My reading that I had with Crystal on my birthday was magical. It was eye opening, inspiring, and exhilarating. That hour with Crystal was my first introduction into the world of astrology, really, and I have sworn by it ever since. Your explanations of all of the different aspects of my birth charts were soContinue reading “The Sagittarius Spark: Testimonial by Sasha Villalobos”

The Leo Who Found Her Fire: Testimonial by Debby Boekeloo

I found my session so beneficial. Crystal nailed some major life changing dates for me, and also told me what I had gone through without ever meeting me. Very professional on Crystal’s side and very eye opening for me. There were many takeaways I got from the reading. The most important one for me isContinue reading “The Leo Who Found Her Fire: Testimonial by Debby Boekeloo”