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Crystal is focused on self-development for those who are seeking a sense of identity, direction, and purpose. However, recently, Crystal has been working on shifting her work towards Grief Recovery, and helping others explore their losses in a safe, vulnerable, and impactful way.

Crystal considers herself a forever student, who loves learning and understanding life in as many ways as possible, so her work will always evolve with her as she continues to learn and grow. She has a passion for helping others find clarity, as well as sharing her enthusiasm by seeing the positive in their life situation. In addition, her creative and insightful writing helps others tap into their heart and imagination; helping them feel inspired to transform their life story – whatever the narrative may be.​

She blends her degree in Linguistics + English, her corporate background, and her vast life experience including: legal guardianship + caregiving to healing through the Grief Recovery method, as well as mentoring and teaching using Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology method and other philosophical approaches.

Her style is easy to understand, as well as practical to apply. Crystal is able to break down the complex language of the stars into digestible pieces, and uses her inquisitive and quirky nature to connect the pieces of your story in a safe and compassionate space – bringing you the perspective you need to take action.​

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