Finding Gratitude in Grief

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Finding Gratitude in Grief

By Crystal Warren

After resisting for many years, I sat with my anger long enough for it to tell me it was actually love's gratitude disguised as grief.

There to remind me that the loss and loneliness I felt was really the love in my heart longing to be held by you - to feel at home once again.

So I hugged myself, until my pain gave way, and I collapsed into my own warm embrace.

Finding solace as the tears released my fears. 

I remembered what I had forgotten all these years.

I have been home all along, and no I am not alone. 

Where ever I go on my own, there you are - who needs a phone. 

I remember, we are one, and I carry you inside my bones.

Alas, I am grateful for my grief, and it's reminder that this life is brief, yet oh so sweet.
Photo by Crystal Warren

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Published by Crystal Warren

An insightful Astrologer, Writer, and Mentor hoping to inspire others by sharing her heart and wisdom with the world.

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