The Sagittarius Spark: Testimonial by Sasha Villalobos

My reading that I had with Crystal on my birthday was magical. It was eye opening, inspiring, and exhilarating. That hour with Crystal was my first introduction into the world of astrology, really, and I have sworn by it ever since. Your explanations of all of the different aspects of my birth charts were so clear, and when coupled with personal analogies Crystal gave, I felt confident in my understanding of these new topics! I am no longer skeptical!

What stuck with me through all of this time was my powerful Sagittarius energy that I had not known about before. Previously, I saw myself as shy, insecure, and without a voice. Hearing Crystal’s perspectives on my fire sign energy, I was able to ignite my force and use that power to make the change in my life that I was looking forward to.

I came to Crystal with intentions of stepping into my own self and oh my lordy did I take advantage of my opportunities for growth after our meeting! If the ‘me’ from our meeting on November 30th, 2019 were to see the ME that is writing this email the following July, I would be in absolute SHOCK. My reading with Crystal showed me how to take control of my life, and I felt so so secure talking about the vulnerabilities that opened up during the reading too.

When I look back at my personal and spiritual growth, I can see it all pointing back to that reading. Crystal pulled an oracle card for me before our reading, and I ended up talking about it before she even told me what it was. Everything felt so right. I have worked so hard and diligently on my self exploration these past 9 months and I feel myself transitioning into a different phase in my life. Talking to my therapist today, she pulled an oracle card for me. She pulled the card of Yin/Yang. Everything has come full circle since my reading with Crystal, and it all clicked today. 

Thank you Crystal, for your powerful energy and the amazing work you’re doing!

Published by Crystal Warren

An insightful Astrologer, Writer, and Mentor hoping to inspire others by sharing her heart and wisdom with the world.

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