The Leo Who Found Her Fire: Testimonial by Debby Boekeloo

I found my session so beneficial. Crystal nailed some major life changing dates for me, and also told me what I had gone through without ever meeting me. Very professional on Crystal’s side and very eye opening for me. There were many takeaways I got from the reading. The most important one for me is what I have been telling myself these last few weeks, as the end of the year is approaching. “I need to get back to feeling like Debby again.” Crystal just cemented it into my head to move forward. I was depleted from the last 2 years, and needed to take time to find me and fill my cup up again. I knew in my heart that I needed to do this, but to have an astrologer tell you, by seeing it in my birth chart brings it home! I have given so much of myself over the last few years that I have lost my Leo sparkle and am running on fumes. I actually went back the next day after my reading to the lap pool and swam for my meditation that I used to do 4 to 5 times a week. I left there with a smile, a clear mind, and a few worked muscles.


I want to encourage Crystal to follow her passion in Astrology, as she is very gifted and has a warm way of telling the client where they have had good times, bad times, challenging times, and where to move forward for the coming years. Her gift is beautiful and needs to be shared with others. She mentioned to me about leaving the corporate world and following her passion in Astrology, which I related to as I left the workforce to take care of family and to bring closure to the last few years. I feel blessed in many ways, but also depleted in other aspects. I left the reading with hope of finding more fun and living a healthier life.


Let’s just say, I already have recommended a few friends….( a lot )! This is also a Leo trait for me…..I told my friends and my family members about my experience, as I roam around thinking I am a little special having my chart read by an astrologer.


I honestly would like to keep my relationship going with Crystal on her journey to becoming professional. That way I can have a personal astrologer to confer with along my journey, as I walk among my healing crystals through out my home, with my Feng Shui areas and special objects in their best placements for balance and protection of my family, as well as my essential oils lined up for daily use next to my oracle cards. Now I have a personal astrologer in my back pocket to add to this collection!


I left the session with a little glimmer of a sparkle. I actually felt like throwing my head and wild mane back, roam by and hit a few people with my tail as I bask in my own spotlight. The last few years, I have been just resting back on my rock, still gazing over my family and domain getting through my responsibilities and painful growth of a journey, while still watching others with a very careful eye knowing their every move yet, not coming off my rock to let them know I am there..but wait there was a few people that crossed our paths and tried to hurt my family members -fortunately for them, they only got a taste of a clawed paw and a warning they could be my next meal, if they decided to go any further. In prior years, there would have just been carnage, but I am a little depleted, so they got off just bruised and slightly roughed up. I chose to not take anymore energy than needed at the time (Crystal saw this in my chart). I truly feel this Lion is going to regroup, fill up her cup and then jump down to pace her jungle once again.


I do work in the metaphysical world, and have for years, but I got side tracked – or best put, detoured due to family and responsibilities. Even though I had to stop doing sessions on clients, I have always had my finger in it, but not as full on as I had prior years. I want to get back to doing my healing work, but I still need time to work on filling my cup back up from being depleted first.


The last 2 years were the final draining of my cup. One of our hardest areas of learning for me was having to deal with people over the family estate and seeing theif true colors and deception that family and other associates did to us, as we uncovered more and more while walking through the legalities. It was so hard for us. As a Leo, and as a woman that stands in her truth…good, bad or otherwise and owns her actions, the darkness and greed being shown to me/us and how they did everything to manipulate, take, steal and lie to our faces was unreal. It honestly effected my physical heart  (heart chakra), and as a Leo – my CENTER. I had to be on guard, watch every move, and try to get my hubby and brother in-law to see the real person/s they were dealing with, while living 5 hours away and staying one step ahead.


That part of our lives have come to almost complete closure  and do not deal with the toxic people that had filtrated into our lives for the last 38+ years. My shoulders are getting lighter, I am ready to work off the insulation barrier ( around 20 pounds ) I put around myself for protection, and am ready to step into a new course of adventure. This journey and awakening from the last 2 years has opened up a new level of consciousness helping recharge my healing abilities – that is for sure. Thank you Crystal for confirming and helping me find my fire again!

Published by Crystal Warren

An insightful Astrologer, Writer, and Mentor hoping to inspire others by sharing her heart and wisdom with the world.

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